From 24 to 26 November I took part in an Elvis Project at a German school in Ihlow. It was the most exciting experience I’ve ever had: listening to many different languages, learning about other cultures and attitudes, eating different foods and so on was not only funny but also educational.

During those days I enjoyed participating in one of the planned projects: everyone had to draw a representative masterpiece of their Nation, which would be part of a large graffiti done by ourselves. In two days we realized this “part of World” thanks to two German teachers, and a Norwegian expert of graffiti, symbols and tags .

Our work in technical language is called “piece” because it’s really colorful , and the real meaning was to show what is our Utopia: it’s the idea of a ‘sharing’, united Europe that tries to grow with a little contribution from each country.

Despite the short time, new friendships were born, and it was an experience that I would be ready to do again!


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