As ELvis has entered into its 3rd extension, we would like to look further than just Europe. We are hoping to find interest from schools in North America, Asia, Australia and Africa to join us in our quest for international experience.

We aim to be able to include international partners in projects that we are planning for the foreseeable future: We hope to continue to work together on the basis of the success of our previous Comenius and Erasmus+ projects.

At some of the participating schools we have organised ELvis concerts. We would very much like to organise a few more, as it really seems to be true that ‘music brings the world together’.

Both Kopernikusschule Freigericht (‘21-‘22) and Sophianum Gulpen (‘23-‘24) have an anniversary in the next few years. They would like to make that even more memorable by having an ELvis concert at their schools. That is something we are already looking forward to!

We also hope that a number of schools will follow Sophianum’s example and organise a symposium/conference/meeting on a subject that is close to their heart. At Sophianum there was a meeting about Problem-Based Learning in 2019.

In 2023 Sophianum celebrates its 175th anniversary and ELvis its 15th. To commemorate this a conference will be organised to plan the next 5 years of cooperation.