ELvis Olympics.

The 3 schools from Germany, the Spanish school, the Dutch and a new Belgian school are going to look into how food affects physical fitness/training schedules. In order to do that the participating students will have to have a critical look at their diet, then make adjustments where necessary and start a training programme for a sports contest. Each year there will be 3 rounds. For every round there will be new some participants and/or new sports. Owing to the Covid situation we asked for an extension, so that we could start the proceedings in the school year 2021-2022.

Click on the video to watch the ELvis Olympics playlist.

The Monument Project.

In this project students from Enger, Freigericht, Wroughton, Utebo and Gulpen will look into the shifting appreciation of some of the monuments in their countries. They will do this by looking into the historical reasons for erecting these monuments and trying to find out if these are still valid in our society now.

The ELvis PBL project.

This project is based on the way students in the Dutch Technasium learn: in groups and on the basis of ‘real problems’. The students are challenged by a company to find a solution to a problem. In the first year they do that in their own school, but have regular meetings to ‘learn from each other’ and get to know the students form the other schools. There will be a ‘technical component, worked out by Science students and a ‘marketing’ component worked out by students doing Business Studies and Art. In year two this idea will be ‘repeated’, but then the groups will be multi-national and will have to complement each other. Also for this project an extension was asked to be able to start in 2021-2022.

The Analysis of Eco systems in Europe.

This will involve research and hands-on work in two very different areas: a Danish Island and the coast of Salento in the very south if Italy. Students will have to do preparatory research and compare results with the findings the do on the spot.

The Water Project.

In this Project, 6 schools are looking at the way we are affected by water and the way water affects us. Students will look at Glaciers (AU), the floods experienced in Limburg (NL) in 2021 and e.g. the port of Antwerp.