The last Elvis Ambassadors meeting took place in Ihlow, in the north of Germany in November 2014. In total, there were two Ambassadors from each country. We split up into two groups, one to make videos and the other one to paint Graffiti. I chose the first activity. On the 24th November we went first to a video recorder studio, in the city centre, where we met the boss and visited the building. There we learnt to use the camera as a real movie director does and then we managed to cut the different scenes by choosing the best and so to make a short movie by enjoying ourselves! On the 25th after filming some scenes and interviews in the school and in the streets of Ihlow, we made two tapes about Elvis exchanges. In the afternoon we summed up our workshops by showing our teachers the results of the activities and moreover we decided what to do in the next meetings. In fact, an English Ambassador proposed to represent a Shakespearean comedy, “A midsummer night’s dream”, in Great Britain.



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