In June all ELvis schools were invited to take part in the Peace Concert in Enger (DE), organised by the Widukind Gymnasium there. It was organised to commemorate the start of WWI in 1914. Some schools (from Freigericht, Mons, Lecce, Guise and Gulpen) accepted the invitation and went there to be part of a great week of musical activity, ending with two concerts, one in Lübbecke and one at the school in Enger.

While this was going on, the idea grew that it would be great to have a real ELvis Peace Concert to coincide with the meetings in Gulpen in September, especially as Limburg was liberated by the Americans 70 years ago around the time of the meeting (17-20 September).

That is why Sophianum in its turn invited the ELvis schools to take part in a concert in Gulpen. The schools from Freigericht and Enger (DE), Lecce (IT), Wroughton (GB) and Utebo (a new school from Spain) took up the challenge and send students and teachers over for another week of musical activities, culminating in 2 concerts at the school, one on Friday 19 September at 19:30h and one on Saturday 20 September at 13:00h.

The programme will be varied, with classical compositions and pop/rock songs as well as own compositions by students, all with either ‘war’, ‘peace’ or ‘cooperation’ as their themes.

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