Venue and Times – all are welcome
Friday 19 September at 19:30h and Saturday 20 September at 13:00h.

After the very successful Peace Concert in Enger, Germany, to commemorate World War 1 the ELvis schools are repeating the event in Sophianum school, Gulpen.  See it here on ELvis TV

Limburg was liberated by the Americans 70 years ago around the time of the meeting (17-20 September).

The event coincides with a meeting of the partner schools where they will agree a plan for their continued collaboration as the partnership builds on its success.

Sophianum as the coordinating school for the ELvis partnership, has invited the partner schools. Freigericht(DE) Enger (DE), Lecce (IT), and Utebo (ES) a new school from Spain, responded to the challenge and students and teachers will attend for another week of musical activities, culminating in 2 concerts at Sophianum,

The programme will be varied, with classical compositions and pop/rock songs as well as own compositions by students, all with either ‘war’, ‘peace’ or ‘cooperation’ as their themes. A performance not to be missed!

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