Ever since we started talking about ELvis in 2008 we wanted to reward teachers and students for the extra work they put in. The Elvis Academy aims to do this for the students at least.All schools involved: Sophianum Gulpen, The Ridgeway School Wroughton, Honywood Community Science School Coggeshall, Vrije Sint Lambertusscholen Westerlo, Widukind Gymnasium Enger, Kopernikusschule Freigericht, L.S.S. Cosimo de Giorgi Lecce and Institut du Sacré Coeur Mons have started a form of ‘International Stream‘ (with different names) for students who want to put in some extra effort to get some International qualifications.Most schools have bundled activities they do anyway and offer them to the students who opted for this. What is on offer depends on the school, but we have the following things in common:

  1. Participating students get a certificate, on the basis of a portfolio  they keep in the course of their studies.
  2. In this portfolio the activities are shown, together with a short evaluation and where possible/applicable an assessment. These include things like:
    1. External language examinations by Goethe, Delf Scolaire, Cambridge, Anglia
    2. Certificates of attendance of ELvis meetings or Exchanges.
    3. Certificates for things like Model European Parliament or other International cooperative activities or competitions like Olympiads for Science subjects.
    4. Work experience projects with partner schools or institutions abroad.
    5. Community service abroad.
    6. Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme activities
  3. ELvis projects are also done (in class or in groups) to enable these students to accumulate as many ‘ticks’ in the portfolio as possible.

The Student Advantage Over the years it has become clear that many students at our schools are very keen to work towards such a qualification as more and more Colleges and Universities around Europe require students to show what they have done to ‘stick out in the crowd’ and this definitely gave some students a head start in interviews for positions at colleges and universities.

Please take a look at a sample portfolio

sample EPF Portfolio 2013-14

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