My time in Germany was amazing. I was really nervous about going and I never thought I would like it as much as I did. Whilst I was in Germany I met a lot of new people from different nations and became friends with most of them. When I was there Rebecca and I stayed with a German host family who were very welcoming and kind. I became friends with the host daughter which made my experience even better. The school we spent our two days at was very different to The Ridgeway School. They have different age groups at their school, they don’t have a school uniform and the classrooms are very different, as they have separate desks and black boards with chalk instead of white boards like us.

Day 1: On day 1 we arrived at the school we would be doing our project at and had a tour around, afterwards we were split up into two big groups to do two different things. I met everybody who I would be working with. Everybody in my group was all lovely. There were all different types of students from all different courtiers and I got along with everyone. After meeting the teachers we were working with we finally decided what we wanted to paint as the project I was working on was to paint street art on to six very large plates. Once we got painting the time flew, the bell rang and we all walked down to the main hall where the school had set up tables and had made lunch for us. I sat with some friends I had made who went to the school we were at. The food was delicious and after lunch we go back to work. We finished school at 4 o’ clock and after school, in the evening we all went out to the German Christmas markets and had a look around (which was amazing) and then afterwards we all went bowling which was really fun.

Day 2: On our last day at the school we finished off our paintings. It was a bit of a rush for time as we had lots to do in very little time but we got there. During the day we had lunch again provided by the school and then after that we finished off the paintings. It was really fun painting the two large plates because I felt like it brought everybody together; I made loads of friends and became close with most of them. After we were finished we washed up and then we had to present what we had made. After we had presented we watched the other group’s presentation which told us that they had made 2 small movies. 1 about the Elvis Project and what people think about it and the other about my group and what we were painting. Both of the videos were great. We finished at 5 o’clock that day and in the evening we all came back together one last time to have a meal. The meal was really nice and I chatted with my friends that I had made. Afterwards was the saddest part of the tip; saying goodbye to everybody. Once we had said out goodbyes we went back to our host family’s house and got some sleep ready for the early flight the next morning.

Overall my experience of the German Elvis trip was outstanding. I made so many friends who I still keep in contact which now. I’m glad I went on this trip and I am very grateful I had the opportunity to come.

Emily Avagnano
The Ridgeway School

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