Brigitte Binke-Orth retires. Last Thursday, 28 January Widukind Gymnasium Enger said farewell to their Head.Mrs. Binke-Orth was head of school for 17.5 years. During that period many thing

s changed, pedagogically as well as in the school organisation.

The farewell meeting in the aula started with the Prelude from ‘Te Deum’ by M.A. Charpentier, that those who attended the (ELvis) Peace Concerts will recognise. It was played by the School orchestra, conducted by Meike Tiemeyer-Schütte. Then there were speeches by a representative of the regional government, the mayor of Enger, a representative of the ‘Gymnasiums’ in the area, the parents, teachers and pupils of the school. ELvis was represented by Hans, who also spoke some words. In between the speeches the Upper School Choir sang twice, accompanied on the piano by Martina Bruns. The Meeting ended with ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ by Edward Elgar, played by the School Orchestra. The afternoon ended with ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ in the staff room and school canteen.

The school has been a partner school of Sophianum for many years. After a number of successful exchanges between with Sophianum they joined the EUROcitizenLINK project, the predecessor of ELvis in 2007. Mrs Binke-Orth was one of the heads present at the first foundation meeting of the ELpartnership. Her successor, Dr. Ulrich Henselmayer now takes over. We wish him the best of luck and hope to meet him at our meetings in the next few years.

ELpartnership Memorandum. The page with signatures from Coggeshall, Ås and Utebo is still missing. Can these schools please confirm whether the page was signed and sent on to the next school? Common Policy Plan. I will send the plan around to all heads of school and school coordinators for them to react to it as soon as possible. Please send any changes, deletions or omissions to me before next Friday (6 February), so that I can send it to Sarah for her last perusal. Then everybody who writes bids can use it.


Bids. I have the impression that not everybody received the first newsletter and the e-mails I sent about joining bids. As it takes a great deal of time and work to write a bid, it would be highly appreciated if every school sends me back the form (that I will send around with the CPP) before 6 February too!

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