MIGRANTS video project

Students from HTG Ihlow, WGE Enger, SiLa Westerlo, Pedro Cerrada Utebo and Sophianum Gulpen met up with peers from LSS Cosimo De Giorgi in Lecce to produce 4 videos on the theme of ‘Migrants’. At the end of last school year each school had interviewed some refugees (with or without status) in their own environment 

ELvis Concert no. 3

‘ELvis struck again’ between 22 and 25 February 2016 when the ELvis musicians met again to prepare a concert. The meeting took place at the Ronneburg near Freigericht, where all teachers and students were accommodated. They had rehearsals from Monday afternoon until Thursday afternoon (while also making music in between) which culminated in a concert 

ELvis at Festa di cinema del reale

ELvis film ‘From Bell to Bell’ and photographic exhibition ‘Corpo trittico’ were shown at Festa di cinema del reale, a four-day cultural event which took place in the picturesque village of Specchia, in the heart of Salento (Italy), from 22 to 25 July 2015. The photos shown in the exhibition were taken by  students of different ELvis schools who met at 

Press Release from Freigericht

Elvis Trip to Mons, Belgium- 9th-13th March 2015

In the context of our Elvis ( Euro Link Virtual International school) Partnership , in which we develop learners’ skills on an international level, 3 of our youngsters were invited to continue and complete our Street Art project, in collaboration with students from France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Holland, England and Belgium of course. The exchange 

A school day in Europe

    Between 13 and 15 April 2015 a group of 25 students from all over Europe met at Liceo Scientifico “De Giorgi”, Lecce (Italy), to edit a 15-minute documentary film about ‘A school day in Europe’. Most of the footage had been shot in the previous months by the students of 9 ELvis schools. The workshop in Lecce was coordinated by film-maker Paolo Pisanelli and 

Footage from Mons 2015

Sondre Ileby from Aas (Norway) has sent us an amazing video. Click on this link

Greetings from Elio Di Rupo

Dear Students,   First of all I would like to send you kind greetings from Mons, the European Capital of Culture 2015.   I’m delighted to hear that an exchange was organized with European students for your project Elvis. These exchanges enable us to know one another better but it also strengthens the European feeling. 

Latest from Mons 2015

Ignazio (Italy) In the past I had already joined Elvis, with an exchange with the Dutch in Gulpen, however, I could not think that the Ambassador meeting in Mons could be such a great experience! For each country of Elvis there were 4 guys and we did  many things together, for example two workshops, about hiphop and 

Latest from the Production Workshop

  A prototype of a sound tube for mobile phones, built at The Ridgeway School, Wroughton (UK), was presented during the Ambassadors’ Meeting in Mons (10-12 March 2015).