As ELvis is now entering its 3rd extension, we would like to look further than just Europe. We are hoping to interest schools in North America, Asia, Australia and Africa to join us in our quest for international experience.

We aim to be able to include international partners in projects that we are planning for the foreseeable future: We are looking at designing a project for some new ELvis concerts; we would like to organise ELvis Olympics and we are looking into starting a project on changing views on monuments.

At the start of school year 2019-20 Sophianum is planning to organise a conference for partner schools on problem-based learning (PBL) in our “Technasium”, a new way of learning where students aged between 12 and 18 are given real-life problems to solve by companies. They need to come up with solutions which they have to present to the companies that gave the assignment. We hope this conference will attract visitors from around the partnership and beyond and will result in a Research and Design project for interested schools.