The ELvis vision of learning in the 21st Century is that students will take responsibility for their learning.They hold a position of honour

  • They selflessly serve the aims of partners and the project and are expected to lead, support, encourage and innovate.
  • The Ambassador role offers an opportunity to demonstrate abilities which are key to success in life, such as teamwork, organisational, leadership, communication, ICT and social skills.
  • They will be familiar with the ELvis Memorandum of understanding
  • We aim to encourage independent, enterprising, thoughtful, lifelong learners; students who create and not simply consume knowledge while using any appropriate technology.
  • Ambassadors are encouraged to debate and collaboratively develop their role.
  1. Involve students in the lower school
  2. Involve different school subjects and teachers
  3. Go into assemblies, where applicable, and promote ELvis.
  4. Keep information and activities in the virtual learning environment up-to-date
  5. Communicate with all stakeholders and the world – face to face and online
  6. Keep in contact with the other ambassadors
  7. Create, suggest, implement and innovate with every aspect of ELvis
  8. Think globally, act accordingly and encourage high standards.
  9. Exploit existing, new and emerging technology.

14-15 Belgian ambassadors Newly appointed ambassadors celebrate in Westerlo.



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